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Home School Partnership

The School District of Oconee County

Northside Elementary School

2017-18 Title I Home School Partnership Compact


According to the South Carolina State Department of Education, each Title I school is required to create an agreement (compact) between home and school in order to ensure every child receives a fair and appropriate education. Please read this agreement with your child. Your partnership is important as we work to provide the best environment for your child and build the foundation for a successful future. Thank you for your support and involvement!


To be an active partner in my own learning, as a student I will:

  1. be Prepared, United, Respectful, and Responsible (PURR) every day at Northside Elementary.
  2. do my personal best each day in school.
  3. come to school on time each day with a positive attitude about school and about being a student.
  4. complete my homework assignments and discuss my grades and academic goals with my family.
  5. obey the school rules and assist in keeping my school safe and clean.
  6. be prepared for class with assignments and necessary materials.
  7. communicate with my teacher if I have a problem or concern.



As a parent or guardian, I will encourage my child’s learning by:

  1. helping my child to do well in school.
  2. sending my child to school on time each day with a positive attitude about school and about being a student.
  3. reading correspondences from the school, participating in parent-teacher-student conferences and other school events.
  4. checking to see that my child completes assigned homework.
  5. supporting school rules and procedures.
  6. making reading and learning at home a priority.



As a teacher, I will enhance learning by:

  1. helping all students do their best in school.
  2. being a respectful, responsible, and an honest teacher.
  3. coming to school each day with a positive attitude and well prepared lessons to assist students’ learning.
  4. communicating clearly and frequently so all families understand school programs and their child’s progress.
  5. using meaningful homework that allows students to discuss and demonstrate skills at home.
  6. demonstrating care and concern for the safety and special needs of each child.
  7. promoting life-long learning.



As principal, I will promote public education and support our teachers and students by:

  1. being a respectful, responsible, and honest principal doing my best at all times.
  2. ensuring positive and meaningful communication and involvement between teachers, parents, and students.
  3. supporting teachers as they provide high quality instruction.
  4. fostering a safe, warm, and parent-friendly atmosphere.
  5. providing opportunities for parents to be involved in their child’s classroom.
  6. ensuring parents have appropriate opportunities to meet with staff.
May 12, 2018, 6:34 PM